Holistic Life Coaching


Want a practitioner that can look at the whole picture?

So many wellness practitioners and coaches in modern times are specialized; meaning they are experts in one area of health or life goals, and less informed about a wide variety of factors that could be at the root of a problem. One example is how mental health experts are trained in trauma  and how it effects the brain, yet they are not taught often how nutrition or gut health also effects the brain and emotions, and the role it can play. 

Eve Mitchell has always been a student of diverse healing modalities, and has never wanted to settle down fully into any one belief system about health, for she believes that different clients require different remedies, for we are all unique individuals who deserve more than a one size fits all approach to our wellness goals. She believes if we are too micro focused in health care, we lose sight of the macro and are less effective as healers .  Her Coaching style is to look at the whole person, body, mind, emotions and spirit and then look for multiple ways to assist them based on various factors. 

The subconscious mind, planets, gut, and plants, how do they effect us?

Our life is influenced by complex factors, some of them logical, some of them challenging for the logical mind to comprehend.  All the above things can influence us, some way more than we realize.  First our subconscious mind is over 95% of our mind, and even if we are unconscious of it, it is the control panel to our body, mind and emotions and that is why Eve still believes after 10 years in Holistic Health that Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest, most powerful ways to make life long changes.  She has some much to say about the subconscious mind, there is an entire page to it, so to learn more  about the subconscious mind and how we help make lasting changes there more in depth visit our Hypnotherapy page on our website.

The Planets and where they are positioned in the sky when we are born, and at different time periods, our ancestors believed can have a powerful influence on our lives that most people in the modern world are unaware of or do not believe in.  However all of our ancestors, no matter what part of the world they came from followed the night sky, and made meaning out of it.  They made observations, noticed commonalities and patterns, and told stories based on it.  Studying Astrology has helped Eve in her own trauma healing, and after seeing how deeply therapeutic it was learning about her own natal chart, and getting an in-depth reading that was more helpful than multiple Therapy sessions, she decided it was time to start incorporating her love and study of Astrology into her Healing Practice .  Eve is not a professional astrologer, however she now can weave Astrological wisdom into her Life Coaching for those who would like that, and she loves teaching clients how to read and understand their own natal chart so they can do further learning on their own as well. When you understand the complex, unique and multi-faceted person you were born to be, it helps people to heal from abusive situations where they were told there is something wrong with them for just being who they are.  Also Astrology is incredibly helpful at guiding people to focus in and enhance their natural talents, assets and enhance their timing in life, and also work through and understand better their areas of 

challenge and growth opportunities. 

 Eve is a Cancer Rising, Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon with strong Pisces placements, and her favorite Astrologers are Chani Nicholas and Renee Sills of Embodied Astrology who told her she has no choice in her identity as a healer based on her chart :) Go to our Astrology page for more info Astrology Reading with Eve

Our body stores an imprint from every experience we have had, and if people have had trauma and stress, especially ongoing, the body can get locked up in pain and dis-ease.  The more trauma we have experienced, the harder it is to take deep breathes, and to move the body with ease and flexibility. Yet it is even more important that we do, because research is showing more movement and breath work can be some of the most effective and safe ways to heal from trauma. Eve loves diverse movement practices from river swimming and dance to boxing, and and specializes in coaching her clients to find movement practices that can bring them multiple benefits they are working on.  She does not believe in one size fits all and may refer one client to boxing to heal from abusive relationships and the other Yoga Nidra depending on their unique life circumstances and needs. She believes that movement is healing and important for everyone,  and she loves helping her clients find a type of movement that they  can appreciate and enjoy, that helps on both physical and emotional goals, and  that fits into their lifestyle accessibly.

Our Gut and gastrointestinal system is now being discovered to be not only the way we digest our food but also the emotional center of our bodies, and way more critical for our mental health then anyone previously realized.  There is a whole new branch of science studying and proving how out gut flora (our intestinal health) is highly influential on our mental and emotional health.  Eve has been studying Gut Health and how it effects people's overall health in depth since she became the Sacramento Chapter Leader of the Weston A Price Foundation in 2012, and loves helping her clients realize that a powerful tool to improve their mental and emotional health can be as inexpensive and accessible as the right jar of pickles, or helping them learn to appreciate Kombucha and see how it can aid their depression, anxiety and other mental health struggles. Food and Nutrition is vital to good health, and unfortunately the world is full of misinformation about food, and corporations that have disconnected us from cooking skills, so she believes educating people about food is vital to gaining true wellness. Eve also will not tell you that you have to be vegan, swear off gluten, or even give up your favorite comfort food to get healthy.  She loves coaching people to find real world solutions to improve their food, while  learning to upgrade and improving their favorites.

Plants are humankind's first medicine, and our ancestors from every part of the world used plants for their health care needs.  From tinctures to teas to modern day essential oils, plant medicine is a traditional form of healing that people can utilize to help with in the modern day world, with greater accuracy and access than our ancestors ever had.  Although Eve is not an herbal specialist, she is a long time user and lover of herbs, essential oils, teas and grows her own herbal garden at home.  She loves helping her clients discover what plants may be beneficial for them, and how to use them, or referring them to an herbalist if they need greater expertise. Her current favorite source for high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils is DoTerra and she carries some of them in her healing center and has all of them available 24/7 on her DoTerra Website