Our Philosophy

The Subconscious Mind, the mysterious Control Panel of our being

We have all been hypnotized to believe destructive thoughts about ourselves and others. To counter these thoughts of unworthiness, shame, and fear, we offer Hypnotherapy to heal, at a core level, these toxic emotions that hinder us from experiencing joy, connection to community, and a true sense of self love. Our biggest obstacle or supporter in life many times lies between our ears, and Hypnotherapy helps turn your mind into your own best ally and advocate as opposed to secret enemy.

The Planets are effecting us, in Mysterious ways, that many have tried to understand

All of our ancestors believed that the planets placement in the sky effected life and people in magical and fascinating ways.  Humans have been making meaning out of the night sky for as long as anyone knows, and today Astrology is being used as a therapeutic tool to help people greater understand their own life journey and how to make the most of their own unique natal chart. We believe in helping people live their most authentic and nourishing life through understanding the unique astrological signature they were born with

Our Body is Wise, and all that we do to heal the body, also heals our mind and emotions

The most cutting edge, scientific research in trauma healing ends up back at the same point holistic wellness practitioners and teachers have been sharing about for years. The most effective way to heal from Post Traumatic Stress and other trauma wounds are by movement, sound healing and breath work. The other powerful way to heal the mind and emotions that science is validating, is through healing our Gut, and improving our Intestinal Health. We love guiding our clients in breath work, using sound healing in our sessions, teaching people how to improve their gut flora, and to help them find the best choice in movement practices that give them the fastest and longest lasting results. 

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We are now offering the convenience of customized Gift Cards.  Create your own personalized digital gift card and you can send your loved one or anyone you care about their own gift card for anywhere from $40 to $2000 and let the fortunate recipient of your gift choose which of our services they would like for their health and wellness goals