Hypnotherapy for the Mind, Nourishing Food for the Body & Oils for Emotions

Our Philosophy

Heal the Subconscious Mind

We have all been hypnotized to believe destructive thoughts about ourselves and others. To counter these thoughts of unworthiness, shame, and fear, we offer Hypnotherapy to heal, at a core level, these toxic emotions that hinder us from experiencing joy, connection to community, and a true sense of self love.

Eat for Whole Person Wellness

Our ancestors knew that food is medicine, and that when we eat well,  nature provides our 'medicine'. We are passionate about the connection between our gut and our mental and emotional health, and how the benefits of fermentation affect everything.  Our teachings are based on the wisdom of the internationally respected  nutritional researcher Weston A Price, and other researchers with integrity.

Essential Oils: Nature in a bottle

The sense of smell is one of the most direct routes to the brain, which is why it is the most powerful of all of our senses.  When we combine the power of  our olfactory system with the potency of essential oils from plants that are carefully harvested to maximize their potential, we can experience the unique powers of plant medicine.

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We believe that diversity is what makes the tapestry of life strong and flexible, and that the solutions and answers you need lie within you. Hypnotherapy does not provide your solutions; You do, we assist you in accessing those answers. When done well, hypnotherapy is all about empowering the individual to be able to access their own wisdom, joy and sense of inner peace, so that they are able to feel connected with an authentic sense of self love.

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Food Wisdom Education


After years of frustration trying to navigate the competing "Diet" information, we discovered the groundbreaking, international research of Weston A Price, and his global studies of the link between dental health and whole body wellness.  His research of tribal communities who had far superior health to modern day societies as recently as less than a hundred years ago is what we teach in our cooking and nutrition education programs

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Essential Oils


We have discovered what a powerful healing tool properly prepared Essential Oils can be when integrated into our lives.  Also who does not want to enjoy great smells and get health benefits at the same time?  Learn how Certified, Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils can bring greater health emotionally, physically and mentally to you and your loved ones.

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Did you know many Holistic Health Practitioners are not covered by insurance?

Therefore these gentle yet powerful healing modalities are not given the respect and proper support they deserve, nor are they accessible to the very people who realized their healing magic in the first place.

Did you realize that it is extremely financially and other ways vulnerable to go into working in professional traditional mind body earth medicine?

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