Hypnotherapy: Healing the Subconscious Mind

Empowerment Hypnotherapy

Our subconscious mind can either be assisting us or sabotaging us, and the difference lies in the experiences built up throughout our lifetime.  Yet even if we experienced a lot of trauma, or negative programming, there are ways to heal our deep inner mind, and find freedom from destructive emotions and thought patterns.  Read on to discover the different offering we have to heal the subconscious mind, and empower your own inner wisdom.

Individualized Personal Programs

We offer individual programs that can be customized to a wide variety of struggles and challenges people face.  Eve Mitchell has helped over a thousand people in her career through individual sessions ranging on issues from overcoming food addiction to healing from the effects of sexual trauma.  Her specialty is working with people who want to get to the root of their deepest trauma, and are ready for discovering what life lessons are theirs to learn. Eve still offers and requires free consultations for people considering individual programs to discuss your unique goals and history, and answer any questions you have about the process so we can both make sure it is a good fit for both of us.  

Areas of life we assist with:

  • Emotional Challenges ~ Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Sexual Assault Healing, Addictions, Toxic Relationship patterns and more
  • Physical Challenges ~ Gastro-Intestinal Imbalances, Chronic Pain, Sexual Struggles, and many other physical imbalances that have a mental and emotional component
  • Mental Challenges ~ Fears and Phobias, Insomnia, Goal Achievement, Improving Confidence, Increasing Empathy capacity

We believe the plethora of research that demonstrates that the mind, body and emotions are linked, and you cannot effect one without the others, so our programs work synergistically with the whole person.  

We also adhere to a harm reduction, model of addiction healing, believing that binary black and white thinking is just another road block to leading a healthier life.  Addictions in life can come is a wide array of forms, and we believe in reducing harm as we work on the multiple factors that can influence addictive behavior.

We also believe that diversity in life is a gift, and that our uniqueness is a strength.  We know that having a Queer Sexual Orientation or Gender Indentity means life has most likely come with unique challenges that have been traumatic, however when healed is a life path that has great potential for wisdom, love and connection. We honor all relationship styles and dynamics as long as there is consent, equality and respect for all involved with honesty and transparency, as those are what we believe is the foundation for healthy relationships.

Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

Are you looking to experience Hypnotherapy in person, however finances are a challenge?  We are now offering Group Hypnotherapy on two of our highest need programs.  In these group Hypnotherapy programs, Eve utilizes instuctions that she has found work well with anyone working on these issues.  

Eve offers an Anxiety Relief Group, focused on minimzing anxiety and feeling more Confident, Calm and Capable in one's life. Best results from attending multiple sessions.

Most Thursdays at 6:30pm

Eve is now offering a new Sexual Assault Healing Support Group to assist anyone who has been the victim of sexual assault who wants to heal from the trauma.  Disclaimer: Best results are gained from attending multiple group sessions. Experiencing Hypnotherapy for sexual assault can stir up old memories. Eve Mitchell does not utilize any specific instructions to make you relive any repressed memories, however they may arise and as in any detox, you may feel worse before you feel better, which means healing is likely to be occuring.  So we do not advise just doing one sexual assault Hypnotherapy session for exploration if you do not have the capacity to continue as best results are attained over multiple sessions, and as the first rule of health care states, we aim to "First, Do No Harm"

However Eve herself is a survivor of multiple types of sexual assault, and has been able to help herself heal being able to take to the stage at the 2017 Sacramento VDay production of the Vagina Monologues where she publicly shared her rape story on stage in front of 1,000 of her community members. She has also had great success with hundreds of clients individually working through the post traumatic stress and a range of symptoms that can accompany this type of trauma in a harm reduction, inner power, holistic model.

Most Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Both Hypnotherapy Groups are limited to 6 people, so reserve one or ideally a series of sessions for yourself and/or a loved one or more if you want to share the experience with another or few.

Mobile Hypnotherapy Programs

We now have 7 of our most popular programs available as at home digital support.  Would you really like the benefits of one of our programs, however either finances, time or distance is a barrier?  After 9 years and over a thousand clients, Eve has discovered and created programs that utilize instructions that have been successful with a wide range of diverse people struggling with a similar issue.  These MP3 Hypnotherapy Programs can be utilized from any device whether it be a phone, tablet, computer or ripped onto a CD.  You can put them on over speakers, or with headphones for privacy.  You can use them anytime you have a half an hour to recline, rest and recharge, or even just turn it on at night and fall asleep to them, there is no need to stay awake as the subconscious mind is most open and receptive during sleep. Get them for yourself, or as a gift for another, and have unlimited access to Hypnotherapy instructions for as long as needed for the same cost as one individual session in person.

Mobile Hypnotherapy Programs

Love Your Body

Our Love Your Body Hypnotherapy Program is created with instructions to support you in having a healthy relationship with food, a positive self body image, and increased desire to weave more movement into your life.  This program is created for people who either over or under eat; for people who struggle with food addiction, and for those who have trouble having a positive self body image.

Cost is $133

Anxiety Relief

Our Anxiety Relief Hypnotherapy Program is created with instructions to support you in being able to better differentiate between protective fear and crippling anxiety.  Fear being an instinctual guidance system is often ignored because we are distracted by anxiety that paralyzes our mind. Our own inner subconscious mind can strengthen our gut wisdom giving us authentic confidence with an internal sense of calm in our courage

Cost is $133

Beyond Depression

Our Beyond Depression Hypnotherapy Program is created with instructions to support you in being able to look at life's challenges through a new lens.  Many times we fall into depression because of trauma, and other times it is because life does not go as we expected; either reason is addressed as we strengthen your own sense of inner joy, feeling of gratitude, and sense of connection that brings inner balance

Cost is $133

Authentic Confidence

Our Authentic Confidence Hypnotherapy Program is created with instructions to support you stepping into the life you truly want with bravado and brilliance.  The key to achieving long term success is bringing passion and wisdom to your life, and feeling confident enough to appreciate your gifts and let them shine.  This program is designed for people who want greater success in their careers, their art form or their sport.

Cost is $133

Sexual Wellness

Our Sexual Wellness Hypnotherapy Program is created with instructions to support you in becoming a more sexually healthy person.  We believe that all sexual and sensual experiences and relationship styles are beautiful as long as consent and equality exist.  Sexual yearning and orgasmic pleasure can give one of the deepest senses of connection and joy possible once we are able to heal from trauma and toxic shame.

Cost is $133

Relationship Wisdom

Our Relationship Wisdom Hypnotherapy Program is created with instructions to support you in learning the many lessons that our relationships bring.  Whether it be our romantic relationships, the parent-child dynamic, the work environment, our friend circle, or our social media tapestry, relationships are mirrors reflecting back the lessons we need to learn. Created to improve current relationships or attract healthier ones

Cost is $133

Balanced Wellness

Our Balanced Wellness Hypnotherapy Program is created with instructions that support anyone in reducing the effects of stress, increasing joy and feeling a deeper sense of connection.  Eve Mitchell has been blessed with a large number of diverse, wise and inspirational clients over her 9 year Career, and the Balanced Wellness Program is a combination of instructions she created that most everyone appreciated.  It is designed to be used long term, and is designed with general wellness instructions to increase your own inner wisdom, boost your potential for balance, and to find laughter and gratitude throughout the many challenges this life hands us.

Cost is $133