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Eve wants to teach you how to eat in a way that enhances your body, soothes your emotions, and sharpens your mind.  Eve began immersing herself in the world of Holistic Health through first being a Board Member for the Mother's Support Network in the early 2000's when her sons were toddlers disussing nutrition and earth based health practices in depth with incredibly knowledgeable parents. She became so passionate she went to school and got her Holistic Health Practitioner Certification from The California Institute of The Healing Arts and Sciences in 2008 and started her own Holistic Health practice since seeing over a thousand individual clients with great success.

In 2012, Eve became so passionate about the importance of quality nutrition information and real food access that she started volunteering her time to start an online community group as the Sacramento Chapter Leader of the Weston A Price Foundation discussing and advocating for local, small farms support, integrous food producers, and integrative, holistic health practitioner information and support.  Today that group is a highly respected Northern California resource of over 1,100 members, educating and connecting people with local wellness options.

Hypnotherapy to Empower


All of our Hypnotherapy Programs are created by Eve Mitchell, a Holistic Health Practitioner who has over 10 years experience specializing in Hypnotherapy designed to empower each person's unique inner wisdom.  Eve first started in this field because Hypnotherapy allowed her to heal from the trauma of a lifetime of abusive treatment, and the addictions that followed. Eve specializes in working with people from diverse backgrounds who have overcome great obstacles in their lives and have still found ways to keep an open heart and mind. She helps guide them in finding their own freedom and healing the from toxic thoughts and emotions, or physical ailments still haunting them from the damages done from past traumas that can misshape our subconscious minds.

Eve believes that our diversity gives us our strength, and that there is no one "right" answer that fits every person.  She believes that this holds true for the subconscious mind, as much as it does for the foods we eat.  Her particular type of Hypnotherapy is based on activating the part of each client's mind that brings greater self love, self worth and empowerment so that you are able to be whoever you are meant to be beyond all of the expectations, pressures and trauma you have experienced throughout your lifetime.  

Wellness Coaching


Eve knows that when you think you have life all figured out, that is when everything is likely to get all turned upside down.  She knows that as a coach, she is never done growing, nor learning life lessons, and she aspires to be the kind of life coach who is learning as she is guiding.  We all have wisdom, and the most important quality a teacher can have is humility and the willingness to not have it all figured out and just be a resource of intuition, insight and wisdom that is ever evolving, and supportive of the goals of each person they work with.

Eve has a strong background in Child and Human Development, Spiritual and Sexual Integration, and Long Term Health Nutrtion.  She also has real world experience in the school of hard knocks, having grown up with an abusive parent, a survivor of mulitiple sexual assaults, domestic violence, single parenting in poverty, and she is a Queer woman who parents and now homeschools part time two loving and healthy teenage sons with her love Robyn, an activist specializing in Harm Reduction and LGBTQ Sexual Empowerment.

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