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We offer both in person and online cooking and health education programs based on the revolutionary research of Weston A Price who asked the simplistic yet unasked question of what types of food gave people good health and strong teeth generation after generation.  The answers are globally applicable, locally sustainable, and many times contradict what modern day advice people are given.

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Eve Mitchell offers her highly respected Nourishing Traditions Cooking and Health Programs a few times every year.  She not only teaches you how to eat for long term wellness, but real life tools and techniques that make it easier to weave the changes into your already busy life.  Eve not only has 9 years experience in Holistic Health, but she is a mom to teenagers and former owner of a family childcare program cooking for 8 toddlers

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Love Your Gut to Heal Your Mind


Many experts are passionate about understanding the cutting edge research taught by Dr. Natasha Campbell~Mcbride in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome and others in her field which investigate the relationship between our Gastro-Intestinal Health and our Mental Health.  Due to many factors, modern day gut health is worse than at any time in history, and the rates of mental health disorders are skyrocketing.  Learn how traditional side dishes like Kimchi and Sauerkraut, along with Pickles, Yogurt and a weatlh of other fermented foods and drinks can help not just our bowels, but our mind and emotions as well. The stomach really is the way to not only a person's heart but also their mind.

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Many health experts advice and diet programs are based on eating programs that have never been studied for long term results, or apply to a limited demographic. The research we teach from is based on over ten years of research studying multiple extremely healthy cultures from around the world who had been eating as their ancestors had for hundreds of years. 

But this is not how Cavemen or Paleolithic people ate, this is how our ancestors from less than a hundred years ago ate.  You can still enjoy bread, meat and dairy and your favorite comfort foods, it is all about the quality and preparation methods.  Eve teaches you how to take your favorite foods and just turn them into healthier variations, which are many times even more delicious.  This is no deprivation diet, we encourage eating local with global inspiration, along with sharing the important research on the necessity of saturated fats and quality sea salt, along with how to make grains and sugar much more digestible and less damaging.

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Recommended Resources

Weston A Price Foundation

We teach the wisdom and fundamental nutrition research of Weston A Price.  This brilliant Doctor and Professor of Dentistry had a simple theory that teeth were a sign of how healthy or diseased someone is, and his global research of communities who had excellent dental health led him to find people with superior health through nutrition and lifestyle alone.  The Weston A Price Foundation is one of the groups educating people about this critical  research

Weston A Price Foundation Website

Sacramento WAPF Online Community

Eve Mitchell became so passionate about the research of Weston Price, that she created the Sacramento Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation, and has volunteered countless hours to creating a vibrant online group on Facebook.  In this closed group there are local farmers, small quality food producers, Holistic and Integrative Health Practitioners as well as hundreds of average people sharing resources, ideas and tips for eating and living better

Sacramento Weston Price Facebook Group

Sacramento Weston A Price Website

The Sacramento Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation also has a local website with our resource list of local farms, what stores and farms have raw milk, pasture raised meat, fermented foods and other nutrient dense foods recommended

Sacramento Chapter WAPF Website

Nourishing Our Children

Want more resources for how to prepare for and have a healthy pregnancy?  Looking for resources and information about how to feed your baby well if breastfeeding is not an option, or how to eat ideally to maximize the nutrition levels of your breastmilk? How about how to fee and nourishing growing children from infancy through the teen years? Check out the wonderful information at Nourishing Our Children

Nourishing Our Children

Heal the Gut, Heal the Mind

Did you know researchers and scientists are discovering the important link between our intestinal health and our emotional and mental health.  Due to the pioneering research of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and others, people are making major health improvements of their mind by correcting deficiencies in the gut. For more information check out the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book and website

Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS Diet)

Why we LOVE raw milk?

Have you heard of raw milk as being dangerous and scary? Well there is a lot of misinformation out there, and many reasons we consider Raw Milk from local, grass~fed, healthy cows and goats to be a convenient super food.  Find out how small farmers are taking milk back to how it was produced before the industrial revolution ruined what once was a health enhancing staple of cuisines around the world.

Real Milk Website