Essential Oils: The Power of Mother Nature

Essential Oil Medicine is Old


Do you remember in history how spices were considered money? Do you realize most medicine is just patented, isolated concoctions colonialized from cultural healers, and Essential Oils when prepared properly are the medicinal parts of plants, roots and herbs harnessed with the most love, integrity and respect for the eco~system of the plant, earth and person it is wanting to heal.

Aromatherapy All Around


You have already experienced the power of Aromatherapy, whether you realize it or not. When we cook with spices, smell our favorite scent drifting in the air, or clean with orange oil, smells affect our emotions and mind all of the time. Think about how hard it is to feel sexual when you smell your least favorite scent? Think now about how pleasurable it is to smell your favorite scent in nature, whether it be rural, urban or suburban, how do those smells effect your mood?

Our Nose Connects Directly to Our Brain


Our Olfactory system (our sense of smell) is a direct pathway to the brain, and the brain is the control system to the entire body. When we inhale a concentrated oil from a plant, root, tree or herb, we give ourself and loved ones that plant's medicine.  If that plant was sustainably grown with love and a healthy eco~system, and the oil was harvested with methods that preserve the intergrity of the oil, we have magick and medicine combined.

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Essential Oils can be used for emotional, physical and mental health challenges, and that is why we are so excited about their potential to assist people.  Most everyone today is struggling with multiple issues and they are limited in money and time.  Essential Oils can be used for holistic, whole person health care, beauty care, carried portably easily, and integrated into your busy life. They can be used Neat, Diluted in Carrier Oil, Diffused, Inhaled a the bottle, or sprayed into a room through water mist.  The possibilites abound!

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